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Building our State

We will create jobs for South Australians by growing our economy through effective investment in productive infrastructure and development while also ensuring quality planning, transport and local government services.


We Believe

  • Government has a responsibility to be careful with your money – all government projects must provide real economic value for the taxpayer
  • Economies thrive when government acts in the best interests of their people – we need a government that is responsive to the diverse needs of individuals and communities when planning and delivering public infrastructure and services
  • Investment in productive and social infrastructure is crucial in creating long term economic growth, jobs and opportunities
  • Economic growth is maximised when governments prioritise investment in key projects according to forward planning


How we will achieve this together

  • 5.1 Taking a strategic focus on the future to plan for and deliver on the needs of South Australia in an efficient and sustainable way
  • 5.2 Prioritising the productive infrastructure that our State needs
  • 5.3 Working in partnerships to grow jobs and deliver real outcomes for South Australians
  • 5.4 Ensuring we have inclusive and liveable city centres and regional hubs
  • 5.5 Ensuring our transport system is safe and responsive to the needs of users and good value for money

Related Policies

Rejuvenating Chinatown

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will support the major redevelopment of Chinatown by providing $500,000 for a permanent cover for Moonta Street.

New Trade Offices

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a comprehensive policy to boost South Australia’s international trade and support our exporters.

Single Market Renewable Energy Target - Securing Cheaper, Reliable Energy

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will seek a co-ordinated national approach to achieving reductions in carbon emissions from power generation that does not continue to disadvantage South Australian power consumers.

Globe Link - Connecting South Australia to the World

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will develop an alternative corridor for heavy freight, which will avoid the heavily populated areas of existing freight routes, and be non-stop directly into South Australia’s biggest port – Port Adelaide.

Fracking - A 10 Year Moratorium For The Limestone Coast

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will impose a 10-year moratorium on any exploration for or development of unconventional gas in the Limestone Coast area.

Nuclear Industry - Our Position

A Marshall Liberal Government will not support the building of a nuclear waste repository in South Australia.

Better Boating Facilities - Ensuring Infrastructure For The Future

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will ensure more money collected under the boating facilities levy is spent on boating facilities.

Getting Traffic Moving - Turn Left On Red

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will expand the number of intersections where motorists can turn left at a red traffic light.

Reinvigorating Glenelg

If elected in 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will invest $20 million towards the redevelopment of the Glenelg Jetty to reinvigorate the precinct. This will enable a range of new tourism and retail offerings, while also strengthening those businesses already operating in the area

Adaptive Reuse - Rejuvenating City Buildings

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will make it much easier for many CBD buildings to be rejuvenated.