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Growing our Economy

South Australia needs a competitive, dynamic economy that provides new job opportunities, fosters entrepreneurialism and strengthens the future of our State.


We Believe

  • You deserve every opportunity to have a stable job in a growing economy
  • Having a secure job or small business in a productive and competitive industry is key to our future confidence
  • Growing South Australia’s competitive advantage in a range of industries means new opportunities for growth and jobs
  • We must foster and encourage South Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit to ensure individuals and businesses benefit from innovation
  • The prosperity of the State demands vibrant and productive regional communities
  • Every individual and business should have the opportunity to improve their prosperity, regardless of size, physical location or their industry
  • Government should support small business as the backbone of our economy
  • The role of Government is to create the right environment to allow businesses to grow


How we will achieve this together

  • 1.1 Reducing the tax burden on South Australian businesses and households to ease employment costs and relieve household budgets
  • 1.2 Cutting red tape and unnecessary regulation that inhibit growth, allowing businesses to focus on creating more jobs
  • 1.3 Investing in programs to increase export potential of businesses to drive sales and opportunities
  • 1.4 Fostering entrepreneurialism by supporting the efforts of individuals and businesses in taking up and commercialising new innovations and technologies
  • 1.5 Investing in productive infrastructure that drives the expansion of existing industries and unlocks new opportunities in the industries of the future
  • 1.6 Unlocking the resources and production of our regional areas and ensuring growth opportunities for regional businesses and industries

Related Policies

Royalties For Regions

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund to provide a dedicated funding stream for our regions for the next 10 years.

Liberal Energy Solution

After 15 years of Labor, South Australian households and businesses are suffering with the highest energy prices in the world.

Our Liberal Energy Solution will deliver cheaper and more reliable energy for our State.

Scrapping the State Bank Tax

The State Liberals have made the decision to scrap the State Bank Tax to ensure South Australian families and businesses will not have to bear the additional $370 million cost that Labor wants to impose on them.

Deregulating shop trading hours

If elected in 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will deregulate retail shop trading hours to allow businesses to remain open, South Australians to keep working and consumers to continue buying what they went, when they want.

Globe Link - Connecting South Australia to the World

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will develop an alternative corridor for heavy freight, which will avoid the heavily populated areas of existing freight routes, and be non-stop directly into South Australia’s biggest port – Port Adelaide.

Slashing ESL Bills

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will cut ESL bills by $90 million a year.

New Trade Offices

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a comprehensive policy to boost South Australia’s international trade and support our exporters.

Infrastructure South Australia

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish Infrastructure South Australia to combine the expertise of the public and private sectors in planning for and implementing our major infrastructure plans for the future.

Productivity Commission

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish the South Australian Productivity Commission.

Council rate capping

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Local Government Rate Capping Scheme.