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The Best Education System in Australia

Our education system should embody excellence, advocate choice, engage parents and teachers and grow opportunities for our next generation.


We Believe

  • Our families deserve access to the best schools and childcare in the nation, to build our children’s capabilities and our State’s future
  • In supporting the education choices that parents, care-givers and families make for their children – you are the ones who know them best
  • Education professionals need to be empowered, engaged and supported to ensure the best outcomes for their students
  • Young people should be provided with the education and training opportunities they need to gain employment both in new and established industries


How we will achieve this together

  • 2.1 Delivering the best schools in Australia by improving education outcomes and teaching standards
  • 2.2 Returning decision making to parents, principals, teachers and local school communities
  • 2.3 Building more innovative and flexible school systems
  • 2.4 Expanding opportunities for students to engage with training, skills and higher education and ready themselves for employment

Related Policies

Literacy Guarantee

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a comprehensive program to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students, with the benefit to be most profound for those students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Parental engagement in school education

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will encourage and support parents to actively participate in their child’s learning and schooling in a number of ways.

Truancy - Keeping our children in school

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a number of policy measures to combat chronic truancy in our schools.

Entrepreneurial Education

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will implement a number of policy measures to give our students skills they need to start a business, innovate, and contribute to our economy.