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Ensuring Safety and Justice

Everyone needs to feel safe in their community – South Australians deserve access to the best emergency services, police force and a criminal justice system which is efficient and reduces offending.


We Believe

  • Community safety is paramount – emergency services and the justice system must be focussed on effectively protecting South Australians from harm and crime
  • The legal system should respond to the needs of all South Australians and uphold the values of fairness and justice at every turn
  • The courts system should uphold personal responsibility and work to rehabilitate criminals to stop them reoffending, especially vulnerable young people
  • Resources need to be used in an efficient manner to provide services which reduce crime and increase safety
  • In ending violence against women and children
  • In preventing crime before it occurs and mitigating potential natural disasters


How we will achieve this together

  • 6.1 Collaborating with police, emergency services and government agencies to deliver the best possible community safety outcomes
  • 6.2 Reducing criminal behaviour through efficient, effective policing and a corrections system that reduces reoffending
  • 6.3 Ensuring that justice is efficient and accessible, and that victims of crime are supported
  • 6.4 Dealing with emerging trends in crime, as well as entrenched issues such as domestic and family violence and substance abuse
  • 6.5 Delivering a safer community through a fair and transparent justice system

Related Policies

Public ICAC Hearings

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Team will enact legislation enabling the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption to choose to hold a public hearing when investigating matters relating to maladministration and misconduct.

Mitcham Hills Road Upgrade

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will invest $20 million into the Mitcham Hills road network to address urgent infrastructure needs, which includes improvements to the Blackwood roundabout.

Shield Laws - Protecting Journalists & Their Sources

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will ensure Shield Laws give effective protection to journalists and their sources.

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will allow victims of institutional child sexual abuse to make a compensation claim without the restriction of a time limit.

Protecting Pedestrians and Cyclists

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will legislate for a common sense solution. We will make the speed limit for cycling on footpaths 10 kph unless otherwise signposted by the local council.

Prisoner Voting Restrictions

If elected in 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will prevent prisoners voting in State Elections if they are convicted of a crime so serious that they are sentenced to a term of three or more years.