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‘Mothballed’ desal plant costing $41m per year

SA Water has admitted Adelaide’s mothballed desalination plant is costing South Australians $41 million per year despite operating at minimum production.

The massive cost to keep the plant effectively ‘mothballed’ was revealed by information provided to State Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee.

It is $11m per year more than the State Labor Government claimed in 2013 that taxpayers would pay for the ‘mothballed’ plant.

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall is calling on the Government to reveal why the cost has increased so dramatically.

“Having an oversized desal plant operating at minimum capacity is a scandalous waste of money,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Adelaide needed a desal plant, but we never needed the mothballed monster that Labor built and water consumers are paying for while it’s switched off.

“Imagine what we could be spending $41 million on instead of a mothballed desalination plant.”

Instead of paying $41m per year to mothball the desal plant the SA Government could:


  • Keep the Repat Hospital open and upgrade other suburban hospitals

  • Employ an extra 400 teachers to educate young South Australians

  • Slash ESL bills

Cut the price of public transport tickets