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A whale of a job

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to pay for the burial of seven sperm whales that beached near Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula. 

“It’s unfair to leave Yorke Peninsula Council, a small regional council of limited financial means, to bear the cost of removing and burying the sperm whales after their tragic beaching,” said Shadow Minister for the Environment Michelle Lensink.

“I think it’s fair to say that if the whales had beached at Grange the Weatherill Government would have moved swiftly to deal with the problem.

“I note the Minister for the Environment Ian Hunter has been silent so far in respect of dealing with the tragic beaching of the whales.

“As the Minister responsible for the protection of these majestic marine creatures his complete lack of interest has been particularly disappointing.

“The Weatherill Government pockets are so much deeper than those of the Yoke Peninsula Council.

The Weatherill Government’s annual budget runs to $16 billion whilst the Yorke Peninsula Council’s budget is just $24 million.

“The Minister has an obligation to deal with this issue.”