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Abuse no more

The State Liberals are scathing of Premier Weatherill’s failure to accept responsibility for the latest failure of child protection services in South Australia.

“Once again children have been abused by the very people employed to protect them and once again Premier Weatherill defaults to establishing a review,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Since Labor came to office the Layton Report, the Mullighan Inquiry, a Parliamentary Select Committee, the Debelle Inquiry, the Coronial Inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine and the Nyland Royal Commission have all laid bare the catastrophic failure of child protection in South Australia.

“Now we are going to have a review of the Hyde Review that Minister Close couldn’t be bothered reading.

“No more reviews, no more excuses, no more passing the buck – the Weatherill Government is guilty of failing to protect the most vulnerable children in our community.

“It is time for new leadership in child protection in South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill designed South Australia’s dysfunctional child protection system but has refused to accept responsibility for the disaster he has created.

“The fact another predator has abused the children they were employed to protect and that this individual had been red-flagged is the final straw.

“Jay Weatherill, John Rau and Susan Close must collectively accept full responsibility for this appalling failure of the child protection system.

“Having two part-time Ministers for Child Protection lies at the heart of this latest scandal.

“Minister Close’s failure to read the Hyde Review is an abject dereliction of duty that renders her unfit for any role in child protection.

“John Rau as the Minister responsible for child protection reform stands equally condemned.

“It’s time the Premier stepped down and his incompetent Ministers joined him.”