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Adelaide trains continue to run late

Adelaide Metro’s On Time Running Performance has hit a new low with the latest statistics showing two lines performing below 90 per cent and every train service performing worse than buses.

The latest data shows that only 88.9 per cent of trains on the Belair line are running on time and only 89.9 per cent of trains on the Outer Harbor line are running on time. 


Across the whole train network, only 92.4 per cent of trains ran on time compared to 95.9 per cent of buses running on time.


On 14 May this year, the Rail Commissioner said:


“Our automatic route setting function on this line has been updated during the week. This appears to have resolved some issues causing delays on the Belair line and we should start to see better reliability.”


Two months on and the Belair line is still performing unsatisfactorily.


“Why are our trains running so late after the Weatherill Labor Government has spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars on line upgrades?” asked Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.


“It is simply unbelievable that trains, which don’t have to deal with traffic, are performing worse than buses!


“Adelaide commuters just want a train service that is safe and runs on time.


“Unfortunately, the Weatherill Labor Government continually fails to deliver this.


“The service component needs to be restored to Adelaide’s public transport system if we are to entice Adelaide commuters out of their cars and onto public transport.


“This news is even more frustrating for commuters who have had to put up with a number of service delays and interruptions over the years.


“It is quite staggering that the Weatherill Labor Government still can’t manage to run our train network properly so that trains arrive on time.


“Minister Mullighan must explain why Adelaide Metro’s on time running performance has deteriorated to this point.”