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After 16 years, Labor’s got to go

The State Liberals have launched a new website – – exposing some of the Weatherill Labor Government’s most outrageous failures, lies and broken promises.

“For too long Labor have been governing on a platform of over-promising, under-delivering and shameless backflipping, failing South Australians time and time again,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Under Labor’s watch we are falling behind – we now have lower economic growth, our population growth is less than half the national average, and our shares of international tourists and exports are declining.

“This week’s ICAC report into the Oakden scandal laid bare the Government’s incompetence, culture of cover-ups and wilful ignorance, in dismally neglecting the care of some of our state’s most vulnerable people.

“Labor’s disregard for the health needs of South Australians is mind-boggling. Under their disastrous Transforming Health program, they cut services at our major hospitals, resulting in extensive elective surgery wait times and emergency overcrowding. They also oversaw the devastating chemotherapy, Pathology SA and BreastScreen SA bungles.

“The Government’s contempt for our health system sadly goes beyond cuts and bungles. Despite promising to “never ever close” the Repat at Daw Park, the Weatherill Government has backflipped and done just that.

“Labor has also overseen spiraling costs of living. We are now paying some of the country’s highest prices for water and our recent electricity prices are the highest in the country. Government fees and charges have also increased disproportionately, and council rates have been allowed to rise well above inflation.

“Not only is electricity in our state unaffordable, it is also unreliable. Under Labor’s management, we suffered the embarrassment of a statewide blackout – and yet they still haven’t implemented a solution to our energy crisis.

“After 16 years of Labor, South Australia needs and deserves a principled and competent government, committed to delivering for our state.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will work to rectify Labor’s failures, ensuring health services are provided where they are needed, including re-opening the Repat to help tackle the elective surgery backlog; lowering cost of living expenses; and implementing a comprehensive solution to fix the electricity crisis.

“We are committed to delivering tax cuts to households, providing opportunities for our businesses to grow and expand, and reigniting our state’s economy.

“Only the Marshall Liberal Team has a Strong Plan for Real Change to reinvigorate South Australia and create more jobs, lower costs and provide better services.”