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Aged Care

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will develop aged accommodation and services for the Strathalbyn area.

The Problem

Kalimna Hostel has been providing aged care accommodation adjacent to the Strathalbyn Hospital since the early 1980s.

It was built as a low care facility using funds raised by the local community.

Following an adverse fire compliance report, the Weatherill Labor Government closed the facility in January 2017 without consulting the local community and without exploring options for keeping Kalimna open.

Since its closure, well-attended community meetings have demonstrated strong support for Kalimna being used to provide residential aged care.

A community Working Group has identified a range of options for use of the building for further consideration. Their report suggests that the site could be used as a hub for services for older people – a day care centre, a base for outreach services and a community bus, or a ‘drop-in’ town base for older residents and out-of-towners.

While the Working Group focussed primarily on the best utilisation of the 24-bed licences previously used at Kalimna, it has also highlighted the growing demand for residential aged care in the area and recommended that a 36-bed nursing home be built on the western side of Strathalbyn Hospital.

The State Liberals' Plan

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will develop aged accommodation and services for the Strathalbyn area through:

  • A $1.1 million grant for the redevelopment of the Kalimna Hostel site either for aged accommodation or a hub for aged care services, in consultation with the local community;
  • Utilising the 24-bed licenses formerly held at Kalimna in the Strathalbyn area;
  • Designing a new 36-bed high-care nursing home adjacent to the Strathalbyn Hospital, or elsewhere in the Strathalbyn area, able to be built in two stages (the first utilising the current 24-bed licences);
  • Lobbying the Federal Government to make at least 12 more nursing home bed licences available in the Strathalbyn area;
  • Building either a stage one 24-bed facility or a full 36-bed facility depending on the availability of nursing home bed licences;
  • Immediately allocating funding to fast track:
    a. the business case for the Kalimna options; and
    b. the development of plans, costings and a funding package for a 36-bed nursing home.

A Marshall Liberal Government will work with the Federal Government and aged care providers to increase the provision of residential aged care and other services in Strathalbyn and the region served by the town.