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AMA delivers another blow to Snelling

South Australian medical professionals have delivered another body blow to besieged Health Minister Jack Snelling and his radical health cuts plan Transforming Health.

“The AMA & SASMOA survey leaves Jack Snelling no option but to abandon Transforming Health and begin genuine consultation with medical professionals as to how South Australia’s hospital system can deliver better patient care,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The survey has delivered a stinging rebuke of the Minister’s fatuous claim that Transforming Health is overwhelming supported by clinicians.

“There is now an open revolt amongst doctors working in South Australia’s public hospitals as a consequence of the Health Minister’s plans to impose radical cuts across an already stretched system.

“It is deeply concerning that 61 per cent of the respondents do not believe Transforming Health will provide better care for patients.

“It would be madness for the Health Minister to press on with Transforming Health when 61 per cent of the more than 500 respondents see no patient benefit whatsoever.

“The survey also found 71 per cent do not believe that Transforming Health will deliver best care first time to South Australians.

“When 79 per cent of the survey respondents feel the consultation process has been poor the Minister is badly exposed on his repeated claim that Transforming Health is clinician-led.

“The AMA & SASMOA survey follows a Royal College of Surgeons survey that revealed 84% of surgeons do not support the implementation of Transforming Health.

“The Royal College survey found that more than two thirds of surgeons regard the plan as a risk to patient safety.

“It is little wonder that Federal Labor Member for Port Adelaide Mark Butler has joined the public campaign against Transforming Health.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling is now dangerously isolated from the medical professionals, the public and his political allies with his plans to cut services at half of Adelaide’s public hospitals and close the Repat.”