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Another day another 3 burst water mains

The State Liberals are demanding SA Water detail its pipe maintenance expenditure for the last 5 years and detail how it is going to deal with the sharp increase in the number of burst water mains in South Australia.

“We need to know how much SA Water has spent and how much it is going to spend on the maintenance of our vital pipe infrastructure,” said Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“It is not acceptable for SA Water to oversee a century old crumbling pipe system whilst it delivers record dividends to the Weatherill Government.

“I’m concerned that this latest series of burst pipes will see dozens of South Australians unfairly inconvenienced as they recover from the damage to their homes and property.

“Jay Weatherill needs to immediately establish a sinking fund so the victims of burst water mains can have immediate access to the money they need to repair the damage quickly.”

South Australian residents endured almost 4,000 burst water mains last year, according to Freedom of Information documents obtained the State Liberals.

The number of burst water mains in 2014 was 3,258, which increased to 3,998 in 2015.

“With 4,000 bursts last year alone it is clear that the Weatherill Labor Government has failed to properly maintain and replace our ageing infrastructure,” Mr Pisoni.

“Since Labor came to power in 2002 the average household water bill has increased by 241 per cent, but South Australia’s water infrastructure continues to deteriorate.

“With increased financial pressure on families, South Australians should at least be able to expect that water infrastructure is properly maintained and when it fails they are quickly compensated.

“Under Labor, South Australia’s water infrastructure is neglected and crumbling.” 



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