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Another day another crisis: Weatherill must resign

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has reiterated calls for Premier Weatherill to resign. 

Mr Marshall has also renewed calls for the Government to establish a broad ranging judicial inquiry into repeated SA Health bungles.

“Premier Weatherill’s failure to apologise to victims of the chemo bungle shows a callousness and complete disregard for the victims,” said Mr Marshall.

“To treat the victim of a chemo bungle with such disdain and disregard is nothing short of disgraceful.

“A person with these characteristics is not fit to be a Premier and leader of this State.

“Premier Weatherill’s sheer arrogance and his failure to accept full responsibility for the current state of the Families SA debacle is also completely unacceptable.

“After 14 years in Government it is clear that Premier Weatherill has become out of touch with South Australians.

“Enough is enough – it’s time for the Premier to resign.

“Premier Weatherill has shown no empathy, compassion or understanding for victims of bungles and cover-ups that have occurred under his Government and leadership.

“If he did, he would unreservedly apologise to victims of the chemo bungle and he would unreservedly apologise for his handling of the FamiliesSA debacle.

“Our State needs a fresh start, and that fresh start must include the resignation of Premier Weatherill.”