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Be a Good Egg this Easter

The State Government is urging all motorists hitting the road this Easter that it is well worth the stop to rest, recharge, prevent fatigue and protect this precious time with family and friends.

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has launched its Easter long weekend road safety
campaign with 60 new roadside banners across the State promoting South Australia’s unique towns
and regions – highlighting that there are 60 new reasons to rest every two hours.

“The State Government is urging everyone to do the right thing on our roads this long weekend to
protect themselves, their loved ones and all other roads users,” said Minister for Police, Emergency
Services and Correctional Services Corey Wingard.

“Last year no lives were lost on South Australian roads over the Easter period and if everyone does
the right thing on our roads this weekend, hopefully we can have another fatality free Easter period.

“The MAC roadside banners are encouraging road users to stop and rest at one of our beautiful
country towns every two hours to avoid the onset of fatigue.

“Fatigue is a priority road safety issue and is a factor in 11 per cent of fatalities but it is avoidable if
road users are responsible and allow extra travel time to pull over and rest every two hours.

“It is important for all road users to be extra cautious and take responsibility for their own fatigue

“Resting every two hours, by stopping in towns that are often by-passed, not only gives you the
opportunity to recharge, but you never know what you will discover.”

MAC Road Safety Communications Manager, Matt Hanton, said that over the four-day break many
people will be travelling long distances, driving on unfamiliar roads, at higher speeds and with
passengers in the car – all factors which can increase the risk of being involved in a crash and
crash seriousness.

“There is no excuse for poor behaviour, road users need to be patient behind the wheel and
considerate of other road users,” said Mr Hanton.

“Choosing to drink or drug drive, to speed or to not wear a seatbelt put every road user at risk and
can have devastating lifelong impacts.

“It’s also vital to stick to the speed limit and stay focused when driving. Nothing is more important
than the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users.

“Life is fragile and every road user, driver, passenger, rider and pedestrian, all have a part to play in
keeping our roads safe this Easter.”