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BreastScreen SA forced to fly-in Sydney Radiologists

In the latest blow to besieged Health Minister Jack Snelling, the State Liberals today released an internal SA Health memorandum showing that SA Health is flying in radiologists from the Sydney Breast Clinic, a private Healthscope facility, to provide services for BreastScreen SA.

“SA Health’s use of fly-in fly-out radiologists to lead clinics at BreastScreen SA’s Flinders Street centre highlights the woeful mismanagement of SA Health during the 14 years State Labor have been in office,” Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Once again we see frontline health services under pressure at the same time there has been a massive increase in the health bureaucracy in South Australia under successive Labor Ministers.

“Jack Snelling needs to detail how much it is costing to fly in radiologists from Sydney, why SA Health has such a shortage of radiologists and if that shortage is compromising this vital patient service.

BreastScreen SA was at the centre of a scandal in 2012 which saw:

  • 72 potentially detectable cancers missed by BreastScreen;
  • 570 women needing to be re-screened; and
  • 80 women launching legal action against the South Australian Government.

“Using fly-in fly-out workers may be acceptable at isolated mine sites in rural Australia – it is not for providing health professionals in a capital city.

“Is the shortage of radiologists at BreastScreen SA a consequence of the Weatherill Government’s budget cuts?

“This is further evidence that State Labor are in the process of running South Australia’s health system into the ground.”