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Budget’s jobs blackhole

With 150,000 South Australians looking for full-time or part-time work the Weatherill Labor Government will deliver just 8000 jobs during the next 12 months with its disastrous 1 per cent rate of job creation.

Add the 15,000 students leaving school and the thousands of university and TAFE graduates and Jay Weatherill’s latest budget will see more South Australians without a job.

And these pressures are before the closure of Holdens strips thousands of jobs from the northern suburbs.

“With such a dismal rate of job creation it is little wonder that South Australia suffered a net interstate migration more than 6000 people last year,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The long term economic failure of the Weatherill Government is driving people and investment interstate as the Weatherill Government ‘doubles down’ on its ‘economic strategy’.

“South Australia desperately needs a substantial economic stimulus to drag the economy out of the doldrums.

“Jay Weatherill has suffocated the South Australian economy with his punishing taxation policies.

“The Liberal policy on taxation is strong and sensible – no new taxes and substantial tax relief for households and businesses.

“The State Liberals are committed to cutting ESL bills and returning $360 million to South Australian households and businesses.

“That’s money that can be spent in the local economy, driving investment and jobs growth across the state.

“Today’s budget confirms the only chance of ever seeing reduced ESL bills will be with a State Liberal Government.

“With the price of electricity and gas about to skyrocket the failure of the Weatherill Government to provide meaningful taxation relief is compounding the problems facing the South Australian economy.”