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Further consultation on new bike rules

The State Liberals have commenced a state-wide consultation on South Australia’s new cycling laws and left open the option of overturning the controversial changes.

Less than three weeks ago the Weatherill Labor Government announced new laws would be introduced allowing cyclists of all ages to ride on footpaths and requiring vehicles to leave at least a one metre gap when passing cyclists on the road.

The State Liberals will today put forward a holding motion in the Legislative Council that will provide the flexibility to disallow the new rules if the state-wide consultation shows overwhelming opposition to the new rules in their current form.

“Ideally we would have preferred to work with the Government on changes to South Australia’s road rules,” said Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard.

“Unfortunately the method of changing the road rules that was adopted by the Weatherill Labor Government meant amendments to the new rules could not be made before they were introduced.

“These changes were announced at short notice and without proper consultation.

"The Government's so-called ‘citizens jury’ which only involved forty people wasn't a proper consultation.

"South Australians have expressed major concerns with cyclists being able to ride unrestricted on footpaths and asking motorists to cross double white lines to pass cyclists.

"We want to make South Australian roads safer for all road users which is why the State Liberals will undertake the consultation that the Weatherill Labor Government failed to carry out.”

Surveys will be distributed by Liberal MPs to households and business across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Key stakeholder groups will be engaged directly over the coming months.