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Dead weight Labor is holding SA back

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today laid bare the facts surrounding the Weatherill Labor Government’s budget and then outlined the State Liberals’ plan for creating jobs and providing cost of living relief.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is a dead weight holding South Australia back,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“It is outrageous that the Weatherill Labor Government thinks that a jobs growth rate that is less than half the national average is acceptable.

“The State Liberals do not think that this is acceptable in any way.

“Even Independent Treasury advice proves that this is not a jobs budget. “South Australians desperately needed measures to reduce business costs and provide cost of living relief in yesterday’s budget, but the Weatherill Labor Government failed to deliver.

“In fact, every time South Australians catch a bus or train, jump in a cab, put their bins out, or turn on a tap, they will be giving the Weatherill Labor Government more of their hard-earned cash.

“Today, the State Liberals reiterate our $360 million commitment to provide cost of living relief to South Australians.

“We also reiterate our commitments to cap council rates, introduce a state-based productivity commission and hold an inquiry into water prices in South Australia.

“Sadly, under the Weatherill Labor Government electricity, water and gas are now luxury items.”