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Deja vu for child protection recommendations

Royal Commissioner Margaret Nyland’s critical recommendations to reform the Weatherill Government’s failed child protection system mirror many of the recommendations made in earlier investigations into South Australia’s broken child protection system.

“Jay Weatherill stands condemned for having failed to implement numerous recommendations from independent investigations into the failed child protection system in this state,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Jay Weatherill can’t be trusted to implement the reforms Commissioner Nyland recommends because he has failed to implement the very same recommendations in the past.

“Jay Weatherill needs to resign and pave the way for someone else untainted by past failures to implement Commissioner Nyland’s sweeping reforms.

“Jay Weatherill failed to implement the 2008 recommendation from the Mullighan Inquiry that all children in care be allocated a case manager and have face to face contact monthly.

“Commissioner Nyland calls this failure particularly concerning and the need to implement it especially important.

“Jay Weatherill failed to establish a secure therapeutic care facility for children despite it being recommended by both the Layton Review and the Mullighan Inquiry.

“Commissioner Nyland states there is a need for such a facility and that for some children this is the only way their needs can be met.

“Commissioner Nyland notes the Layton Review made 206 recommendations and that many were not actioned.

“Jay Weatherill is the architect of South Australia’s failed child protection system. He forced child protection to merge with the Education Department to deep detriment of both agencies.

“Our child protection system in South Australia needs a fresh start, and that fresh start must begin with the resignation of Premier Weatherill.”