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Department of Transport stuff-up

The State Liberals are concerned that the fiasco surrounding the South Road tram overpass at Black Forest indicates a critical lack of expertise in the Department of Transport and Infrastructure.

“The Department of Transport was the project manager for construction of the overpass and Minister Mullighan needs to explain how his Department could allow a faulty design that didn’t conform to Australian standards to be built,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

“As project manager the Department of Transport should have noticed that the plans designed for McConnell Dowell by engineering firm AECOM didn’t conform to Australian standards.

“The performance of the Department of Transport as project manager needs to be incorporated into the review of 1,500 road and rail bridges the Minister announced yesterday.

“Who in the Department of Transport was responsible for reviewing the plans for the construction of the overpass and why didn’t they notice the plans were not compliant with Australian standards?

“If this defective design for a major piece of transport infrastructure can get past DPTI’s flawed review processes, how many more unsound structures will South Australians be unaware of until parts of them begin falling off as was the case with this overpass?

“This is a stuff-up of monumental proportions by the Department of Transport yet the Minister doesn’t even mention their role as project manager in his media release.