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Dusk to dawn speed limit reductions rejected by local MP

The Member for Finniss, Michael Pengilly has categorically rejected calls for dusk to dawn speed limit reductions on Kangaroo Island roads.

“Calls for a dusk to dawn speed limit reduction on Kangaroo Island roads to protect wildlife are completely out of touch with reality,” said Mr Pengilly.

“Kangaroo Island residents traversing roads on the third largest Island in Australia do not need advice on how to deal with animals on the road at night, whether they be native or domestic.

“As a matter of course, Islanders take extreme care so as not to damage their vehicles or indeed their occupants.

“From an early age, country drivers across the nation are taught that you never swerve to avoid an animal for fear of crashing off the road and potentially causing harm or injury to themselves or the occupants of their vehicle.

“Vehicles can be repaired, lives can’t.

“Visitors to the Island are also invariably advised to take extreme precautions when driving at night.

“Ideas like night curfews are well intentioned but not realistic nor enforceable.

“I am strongly opposed to such an idea.

“Kangaroo Island is a rural community with predominantly farming families and business operators who value their environment and lifestyle and they do not need to be told how to drive and at what speed to drive at on the roads at night time.

“Given much of the road network on the Island is unsealed, drivers adjust their speed accordingly anyway to suit the conditions.”