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Electricity price shock for SA families

Today’s announcement that 50% of all South Australians will be paying $200 extra per year for electricity is the direct result of the Weatherill Government’s failed electricity policy.

South Australia already has the highest electricity prices in the National Electricity market.

Multiple warnings by the State Liberals to the Weatherill Labor Government have been ignored and now the electricity price pain is going to felt by South Australian families.

“This power shock is only the beginning of what is going to be a very painful period for South Australians thanks to the Weatherill Labor Government’s failed electricity policy, said Shadow Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan. 

“All South Australians will be being paying the price of the Weatherill Government’s failed energy policies with the most expensive power in the NEM.

“Minister Koutsantonis is busy blaming everyone else for high electricity prices, while Premier Weatherill continues to rush towards wind power driving cheap baseload out of the market.

“We are part of a National Electricity Market, yet South Australia will be paying so much more than the rest of the nation.

“Labor’s flawed electricity policy led to the closure of the Port Augusta Power Station and now the Weatherill Government is proposing to spend hundreds of millions of tax-payers dollars upgrading an interconnector so it can import coal generated electricity from Victoria.“