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ESL hikes hurting our volunteers

An Eyre Peninsula CFS brigade has announced that it will refuse to attend any bushfires on government land, including national parks, in protest against the Weatherill Labor Government’s massive Emergency Services Levy (ESL) hikes. 

“Our CFS volunteers perform a fantastic and vital community service and they have been treated with complete and utter disrespect by the Weatherill Labor Government,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s deceit regarding the massive ESL increases has the potential to create a bushfire crisis this summer.”

In response to learning that CFS volunteers were threatening to strike over the Weatherill Labor Government’s exorbitant increases to the Emergency Services Levy last month, Treasurer Koutsantonis replied:

“There are thousands of other volunteers who’ll take their place.”

“Treasurer Kousantonis’ comments highlight just how out of touch the Weatherill Labor Government is with ordinary South Australians,” said Mr Marshall.

“South Australians are angry about the Weatherill Labor Government’s deception, given that there was no mention of this massive tax hike before the recent State Election.

“I encourage all South Australians to write to Independent Ministers Geoff Brock and Martin Hamilton-Smith and let them know in no uncertain terms what they think about being hit with these massive ESL increases.

“If Geoff Brock and Martin Hamilton-Smith switched their support tomorrow, the State Liberals would immediately reverse these increases.

“It is clear that the Weatherill Labor Government has absolutely no idea just how much of an impact its excessive ESL hike will have on South Australian families and businesses.

“Premier Weatherill needs to sit up, take notice and start listening to South Australians.”