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ESL hikes hurting schools

The Weatherill Government’s massive increases in the Emergency Services Levy tax will impact on the quality of education South Australia’s independent schools are able to provide. 

“With 35% of students attending independent schools they are an important plank in South Australia’s education system and the massive increases in the ESL will force them to cut services or increase fees,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is putting its hand into pockets of hard working parents every time they pay a school fee, or a sporting club fee or use a community facility.

“The increases in the ESL are cascading throughout the community, embedding higher costs for struggling families at every turn.

“Snatching money away from our schools is a particularly poor policy outcome for South Australia’s education system.

International PISA testing has seen South Australia slip from leading the nation in 2000 to now performing worse than any other State.

NAPLAN results show South Australian students are below the national average in 18 out of 20 categories.

South Australia also recorded the worst result of all states in 6 out of 20 NAPLAN categories, including Year 3 numeracy, Year 5 reading and Year 5 numeracy.

The ESL is a toxic tax that will have a corrosive impact on all aspects of the South Australian economy.

“This savage increase in the ESL amounts to a defacto land tax that will further depress household and business expenditure at a time when the South Australian economy is already in a world of trouble,” said Mr Marshall.

“The South Australian economy is flat lining under the Weatherill Labor Government’s punitive tax regime and the unemployed are paying the ultimate price for the failures of this economically illiterate government.”