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Liberals take action on ESL increases

The State Liberals amendments to the SACAT legislation before Parliament to soften the impact of ESL increases on South Australian households and businesses will pass Parliament next week. 

Struggling South Australian households have reported ESL increases of 200, 300 and 400 percent.

The State Liberals have been contacted by a number of South Australians concerned about the significant increase in their home valuation, which contributes to the massive ESL hikes.

This is a double whammy for South Australians who have been hit by hikes in the ESL rate and the application of property value increases to the ESL calculation.

To appeal a land valuation, South Australians currently have to go to the Valuer General’s Department, the same department that provided the original valuation.

If that appeal is unsuccessful, South Australians can then appeal to the Supreme Court, however, most taxpayers conclude that the cost of appealing to the Supreme Court is prohibitively high.

That’s why the State Liberals introduced amendments to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) legislation before Parliament to propose an appeal for land valuations through this Tribunal by March next year.

This would make it simpler and cheaper for South Australians to review their land valuations and would benefit land tax payers, council rate payers and households who pay the Emergency Services Levy.

“The State Liberals want to ensure that property valuations are fair and not a mechanism for the Weatherill Labor Government to prop up its ailing budget,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s savage ESL increase is nothing more than a defacto land tax.

“This defacto land tax will further depress household and business expenditure at a time when the South Australian economy is already in a world of trouble.

“Jay Weatherill’s decision to foist huge increases in the ESL on South Australian families and business after concealing his plan before the State Election shows the Premier has lost touch with the financial struggles of ordinary South Australians.”