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ESL tax relief and the Pinery fire

In the wake of the Pinery fire the State Liberals have reaffirmed their commitment to restore the ESL remission that the Weatherill Government cynically ripped away in 2014.

“No doubt the Weatherill Government is again planning to jack-up the ESL as it did after the Sampson Flat fire earlier this year,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Increasing the ESL yet again would add insult to injury to the people who found themselves caught up in the terror and heartache of the Pinery bushfire.

“To force the CFS volunteers who put their lives on the line to pay yet another increase in the ESL would show once again how little this State Government values volunteers.

“The most fair, simple and effective solution to the unfair impacts of the Weatherill Government ESL tax hike is to restore the remission in its entirety.

“The Weatherill Government’s massive increases in the ESL tax doesn’t just hit homeowners; it is also levied on sporting clubs, community organisations, churches and independent schools.

“The State Liberals’ policy delivers a $90 million tax cut per year to South Australians who already have the most expensive gas, water and electricity in the country.

“The State Liberals’ will put hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of South Australian families and small businesses by getting rid of this unfair tax.

“The Weatherill Government will continue to tax South Australian families and businesses into the ground.”