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February out and about

This month I had the great pleasure of attending several important events on the multicultural calendar. Firstly, I extend my congratulations to Dott. Angelo Raffaele Fantasia and the rest of the Co-ordinating Italian Comitati who did such a fabulous job in organising Carnevale this year!

Each year Carnevale brings together families, friends and community members who share a love for all things Italian. It’s a celebration of the rich and diverse traditions that have been proudly passed on from generation to generation, and it was fabulous to speak at the official opening.

I spent Valentine’s Day this year at the Norwood Greek Festival – a fantastic event which showcases many facets of the Greek culture (including the delicious sweets!). I thank the Greek Orthodox Community and the Parish of Prophet Elias for inviting me to speak on behalf of all our community to recognise the Greek culture which has such a rich heritage in our local area.

The Norwood Football Club held its AGM this month and spoke about the season ahead. Congratulations must go to Alex Georgios who has been selected as the new captain for the 2015 season. It’s a huge honour to lead the Norwood Football Club at such an exciting time in the club’s history, and one which I am sure he will hold with a sense of pride and humility.

We have so many great sporting clubs in our community who do their absolute best to encourage many locals to get involved.  I have been meeting with local clubs to chat about their future plans, how to get people more involved and help them with any sporting grants that they are interested in. I would encourage you to contact my office if you would like any guidance with this – I would be happy to meet with you.

I am also meeting with local schools to chat about our interface for the year ahead. We have so many great schools in our community and it’s a great privilege to be able to work with them. Looking ahead in my diary, I have many students booked in for a tour of Parliament House which is always a rewarding exercise.