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Federal Labor joins attacks on Transforming Health

Federal Labor powerbroker Mark Butler is the latest in a growing list of influential critics of the Weatherill Government’s highly controversial health cuts plan Transforming Health.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling is now dangerously isolated with even his Federal colleagues publicly voicing their deep seated concerns about his radical plan to cut services at half of Adelaide’s public hospitals and close down the Repat,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“As a former Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing Mark Butler is well placed to understand the consequences of downgrading health services at the TQEH as part of Transforming Health’s radical budget cuts.

“As a local member in the TQEH area Mark Butler says he has heard local concerns. Where are the local State Labor MPs? Where is Paul Caica, where is Stephen Mullighan and Tom Koutsantonis?

“Last month there was a public meeting of more than 200 people raising their concerns – not a single Labor MP attended.

“Mark Butler has echoed the concerns expressed by QEH and Hampstead clinicians to a Parliamentary Committee just last Friday.

“Both Mr Butler and the clinicians called for TQEH redevelopment to be halted at least until after the RAH is operating.”

Further a survey of surgeons revealed that 84% do not support the implementation of Transforming Health.

Minister Snelling must immediately release data to support his claim that opposition is merely 5% or stand condemned for peddling propaganda.

More than two thirds of surgeons regard the plan as a risk to patient safety.

Mr Wade said that the Minister has repeatedly claimed that the plan is clinician-led. 

“Transforming Health claims that clinician engagement is vital for the success of health reform yet clinicians feel locked out of the process.”