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First birthday for Repat broken promise

Today marks one year since the Weatherill Government confirmed it was reneging on its promise to ‘never ever’ close the Repat Hospital yet outright confusion reigns as to where the health services will be delivered when the Repat closes.

“The Weatherill Government has failed to explain where the services currently provided at the Repat are going to be delivered in South Australia’s shrinking hospital system,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

At 4pm yesterday the SA Health Dashboard showed there were 186 patients at the Repat but only 66 spare beds at Flinders and Noarlunga.

It showed more than on Tuesday more than 1500 patients were awaiting elective surgery and 38 Category 1 (urgent) patients are overdue for urology surgery at the Repat.

“Around 25 per cent of all orthopaedic and urological elective surgery performed in Adelaide is done at the Repat.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling needs to explain why South Australians have handed over $11 million dollars to private consultants to advise on cutting our hospital system yet he still can’t explain where he will relocate current services.

“Minister Snelling also needs to explain where eye surgery is going to be delivered since he scrapped his plan to put it at Modbury.

“McKinsey have been brought in at enormous expense even though the number of bureaucrats working in SA Health’s head office staff increasing by a whopping 158% during the last 10 years.

“All the more galling is that whilst the cost of consultants and bureaucrats has exploded frontline clinicians have been locked out of the planning process.

“Once again, South Australians are being left in the dark about the dangerous impact of the Labor Government’s plan to reduce and centralize health services.”

Health Minister Jack Snelling said the Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps paper confirmed surgical, rehabilitation and acute medical services would be relocated from the Repatriation General Hospital. (Media Release: 17th March 2015)