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Glenthorne National Park: Liberals plan to create second metropolitan National Park

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today announced that the State Liberals will create a second metropolitan National Park in Adelaide’s southern suburbs if elected to Government in 2018.

The new National Park would include Glenthorne Farm (208 hectares of open space which is currently not accessible to the public); O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park; Marino Conservation Park; Hallett Cove Conservation Park; Happy Valley Reservoir, and the Field River valley.

This is a total area of more than 1,500 hectares, which is bigger than Belair National Park.

Combining this land into a National Park will bring it under one management structure for environmental preservation and recreational planning.

“Our proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve and revitalise a significant portion of existing open space and turn it into a thriving environmental and recreational precinct,” said Mr Marshall.

“We have identified this area as an important open space for the environmental health, wellbeing and enjoyment of South Australia, particularly people living in the southern suburbs.

“This project will not only create a new backyard for thousands of residents in the southern suburbs, but will also transform previously locked up land.”

Recreational opportunities in the new National Park will include picnic areas, camping and accommodation facilities, fishing, walking, cycling and horse-riding trails.

“There will be something for everyone,” said Mr Marshall.

Under the State Liberals’ proposal, Majors Road, which cuts east/west across the proposed park, will become the ‘recreational spine’ of the project.

“Already, O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park, on the north side of Majors Road, has a pistol club, an archery club, a major Riding for the Disabled facility and a model aircraft club located within it, and is also the site of the recently announced state BMX Centre.

“We also see no reason why South Australia’s reservoirs shouldn't be available for public recreation.

“Happy Valley Reservoir has huge recreational potential - walking trails can be created around the reservoir’s edge, while kayaking, sailing and fishing are all possibilities.

“Furthermore, Hallett Cove Conservation Park has some of the nation’s most important geological formations, which can be viewed from the stunning boardwalk through the conservation park.

“Our plan to create a second metropolitan National Park is all part of our 2036 vision to protect our unique environment for a sustainable future whilst also building our State and strengthening local communities.

“Under the State Liberals’ plan, Glenthorne National park will become a vibrant environmental precinct that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”