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Government urged to take action on epilepsy

Today, Member for Davenport, Mr Sam Duluk MP, called upon the State Government to take urgent action and help fund services for South Australians living with epilepsy.

“The failure of the Weatherill Labor Government to provide any Government funding to The Epilepsy Centre is shameful,” said Mr Duluk. 

The Epilepsy Centre is South Australia’s major provider of community support for the more than 61,000 people living with epilepsy in our State, yet they do not receive any financial assistance from the State Government.

Epilepsy is a debilitating neurological disorder that manifests itself as fits or seizures due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

It has a significant impact on the lifestyle of those living with epilepsy, as well as their families, and they often turn to The Epilepsy Centre for services and support. 

“The Epilepsy Centre is only able to employ one registered nurse and one social worker, part-time for just 3 days each a week,” said Mr Duluk.

“I commend The Epilepsy Centre for the work they do with such limited resources, funded through their own telemarketing lotteries and donation campaigns and some corporate sponsorship.  But quite simply, they don’t have enough money.”

In contrast, the Victorian Epilepsy Foundation is able to offer a large range of services to individuals and their families thanks to the Victorian State Government’s funding of up to $1 million per year.

Mr Duluk is disappointed that “once again South Australia is left to lag behind the other states, and it is the South Australian people that are left to suffer.”

The Weatherill Labor Government continues to neglect the health needs of this state with funding arrangements for South Australia’s health network in desperate need of a major overhaul.