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Government withholding Gillman documents

The Weatherill Labor Government is withholding key documents concerning the Gillman land deal which is currently being investigated by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

Freedom of Information requests lodged with the South Australian Government’s development arm, Renewal SA, have been refused or left pending for nearly a year, frustrating attempts by the Opposition to scrutinise the deal.

Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the failure to release documents concerning valuations of the subject land and the availability of fill materials to develop an oil and gas hub was unacceptable.

“Premier Weatherill has claimed he has nothing to hide and that he would enter similar deals any day of the week,” said Ms Chapman.

“If that is the case, the Government must immediately release all of the documents they used to assess the Adelaide Capital Partners (ACP) bid for the land.”

In April 2014 Ms Chapman requested access to valuations of the Gillman land that were used by Renewal SA to develop a master plan for the site.

Despite the master plan being cast aside when the ACP deal was struck, the Government has refused to release the valuations and the matter is being reviewed by the Ombudsman.

Later, in August 2014, Ms Chapman applied for access to a consultancy report concerning the availability of fill materials to develop the Gillman land.

That FOI request is still being assessed by government lawyers, seven months after it was lodged.

“Attempts to shine a light on this controversial deal are being blocked by the government which is refusing to release key information,” said Ms Chapman.

“If Premier Weatherill and his government have nothing to hide, why won’t they release these documents?”