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GST increase will rip money out of South Australians’ pockets

Premier Jay Weatherill has proposed massively and unnecessarily increasing the amount of tax paid by South Australians

Mr Weatherill’s plan to increase the GST from 10 per cent to 15 per cent whilst providing no reduction in other taxes would devastate South Australia.

In a radio interview earlier this year, Premier Weatherill revealed why he really wants to increase taxes:

Caller: “My question for the Premier would have been along the lines, “what other taxes will be reduced if the GST was going to be raised by 15%?”

Weatherill:Well none, it’s about raising money…”                               (5AA, 21/07/15)

“I am committed to creating a fairer tax system but I will not rip more money out of South Australians’ pockets like Jay Weatherill,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Under Jay Weatherill’s plan, every time South Australians open their wallet Mr Weatherill will take more of their money.

“Jay Weatherill wants to keep taxing people until they’re on their knees.

“I won’t stand for that.

“We need a fairer tax system that encourages economic growth and job creation – we actually need to be lowering taxes, not increasing them.

“Jay Weatherill just doesn’t get it – more tax means people have less to spend leading to even higher unemployment.

“Based on the Premier’s own budget papers, South Australia is receiving an extra $531.2 million in GST payments from the Commonwealth in 2015-16.

“State tax revenues alone have increased by $458 million from 2013-14.

“South Australia has the highest unemployment in the nation – paying more tax isn’t the answer to solving that problem.

“This is a Premier with just one thing on his mind – tax and then more tax.”