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Heavy traffic in fines

“The fact the Weatherill Labor Government is expecting a staggering 11.6 per cent increase  in revenue from its Infringement Notice Scheme indicates that revenue raising is a higher priority that road safety,” said Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard.

“The Weatherill Government is budgeting to raise $88.26 million next year after collecting $79.2 million this financial year from its Infringement Notice Scheme.

“This huge increase in fines revenue is totally out of proportion to CPI, any increase in the number of vehicles on the road or the number of hours driven.

“The Weatherill Government is also budgeting for an extra 25,000 hours of speed detection.

“These figures confirm the need for a Select Committee to investigate the use of speed cameras and other speed detection devices.

“The Committee will investigate why there is going to be such a massive increase in revenue this year and how that will impact on road safety.

“South Australians need to know that the use of speed cameras is solely dedicated to reducing the number of accidents on our roads.

“This Committee will also consider the vexed issue of speed limits chopping and changing without rhyme or reason and whether that is driving up the Weatherill Government’s take from speed cameras.”

Mr C. Wingard has moved - That –

I. This Assembly calls on the Government to  -

A. establish a Select Committee to examine the use and effectiveness of speed cameras and other measuring devices used by South Australian Police in South Australia, specifically:

1. The operation of speed cameras and speed detection devices in South Australia;
2. The relationship between the location of speed cameras and the incidence of road accidents;
3. The impact of constantly changing speed limits and the effectiveness of speed limit signage;
4. The effectiveness of current penalties for speeding offences including an independent review of fines imposed;
5. The operation of the Community Road Safety Fund; and
6. Any related matters