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Help keep SA fruit fly free

South Australians should be wary of transporting fruit and vegetables into fruit fly free zones while heading into the State’s regions these Easter holidays.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture David Ridgway said holiday makers should be aware that it only takes one infected piece of fruit to potentially jeopardise South Australia’s lucrative horticulture industry.


“The reason South Australian produce is so much more attractive to our domestic and overseas markets are because we remain the only fruit fly free State in Australia,” said Mr Ridgway.


“The community plays an important role in maintaining this fruit fly free status so we urge everyone to be cautious and not take unnecessary risks when transporting fruit into our regions.


“The horticultural industry is worth almost $900 million to South Australia, so an outbreak would be devastating for our regional communities.”


Mr Ridgway also reminded South Australians that there will be random road blocks in place this Easter weekend as well as established quarantine zones, and those transporting unsanctioned fruit could face significant fines.


“I ask the public to pay attention to the fruit fly free zone signs and, if in doubt, either eat the fruit or make use of the disposal bins, especially around the Riverland area,” said Mr Ridgway.


“If all visitors to our State’s regions abide by the regulations in place we can ensure South Australia remains fruit fly free so that our horticulture industry continues to produce some of the best produce Australia-wide.”