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Hospital Doctors attack Transforming Health

The public hospital doctor’s union’s (SASMOA) submission on Transforming Health exposes the so-called health reform plan as a threat to the standard of health care provided in Adelaide’s public hospitals.

SASMOA medical officers stated Transforming Health “simply does not make sense from a medical point of view and implementation will cause chaos and confusion for the staff and the community.” (SASOMA  Response to Transforming Health p5)


“SASMOA represents the majority of medical practitioners providing care in our hospitals and their warning the Weatherill Government’s planned health cuts are going to reduce the level of patient care provided in our public hospitals is damning,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.


“SASMOA’s submission labels the Weatherill Government’s consultation on Transforming Health as a sham and calls for Minister Snelling to suspend the implementation of the plan.


“The Weatherill Government claims that the plan was built on working with clinicians but SASMOA shows that the public hospital doctors, the clinicians at the coalface, were left out of the loop in the development of the plan and the consultation on it.


“Worse than that, when the Weatherill Government wanted the union to sign-off on the plan, the Government was either not able or not willing to provide the data and analysis supporting the plan.


“SASMOA’s submission echoes the concerns of many other stakeholders that there was insufficient information, a lack of time to consult and a range of important questions left unanswered.


“The reason why Transforming Health lacks genuine detail is because the Weatherill Government is trying to camouflage its budget cuts strategy as a health plan.


“The Weatherill Government is trying to mimic consultation when the outcome is predetermined.”


In its media release SASMOA states that it “is disappointed in the State Government and SA Health for failing to provide adequate time and necessary detail to allow medical officers the opportunity to engage and evaluate the proposals provided for in the Transforming Health Proposals Paper.” 


The State Liberals agree with SASMOA that “It is difficult to understand how the State Government and SA Health can make any decision about the acceptability of the proposals without providing detail and assessing their impact with the providers and users of the services”.  


“The lack of engagement by SA Health and the Government and a reluctance to share with the Association the detail of each proposal in these last three weeks sets a grim picture for future engagement between the parties,” Mr Wade said.