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Jack Snelling’s sick plan for health services

The State Liberals are warning South Australians to brace for dramatic cuts to health services in our hospital system to pay for the Weatherill Government’s plans to slash almost a billion dollars in health spending through its Transforming Health program.

The State Liberals have released a Government document showing Transforming Health is slated to deliver $900million in savings over four years.

 “It’s frightening to think of the impact of the closing three hospitals and downgrading three emergency departments will have on South Australia’s already dangerously over-stretched health system,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Hundreds of doctors, nurses and hospital beds will need to be cut to deliver this massive budget cut and that means poorer care for patients in South Australia’s public hospitals.

“This massive cut comes just days after Health Minister Jack Snelling claimed Transforming Health wasn’t about saving money.

“Mr Snelling said he had always maintained Transforming Health was never about saving money.”

(Minister Snelling Media Release: ’Liberals Have a Sick Plan”, 19 October 2016) [1]

 In the same release, Jack Snelling demanded that the State Liberals:

 “Come clean on … a sick plan … to drastically cut spending on South Australia’s public hospitals and health services”.

 “Minister Snelling is now totally devoid of credibility.

 “His claim that our health services are killing 500 people a year has shown to be consultant developed spin, not supported by the evidence.

 “His claims that Transforming Health is not about cuts have been brutally exposed. 

 “Rather than tackling the waste and bloated bureaucracy in health, Jack Snelling has targeted the frontline health services that South Australians rely on for their health and care”.