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Jack Snelling’s train wreck

The State Liberals today put Health Minister Snelling on notice that they hold him personally responsible for the evolving crisis in SA Health.

Shadow Minister for Health, Stephen Wade, said that “Jack Snelling must take responsibility. 


“It is the Minister who decided to impose a massive health cuts plan, at the same time as he is building a new hospital and at the same time as he is deploying a new patient record IT system,” said Mr Wade.


A highly critical Auditor-General’s report into the troubled electronic patient record project released yesterday said that the project represents an ongoing high risk to the health system and, in particular, to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.


“It confirms that EPAS remains plagued by cost blow-outs, delays and critical risks,” said Mr Wade.


“The cost of EPAS has now more than doubled from $220 million to $450 million after over-expenditure of more than $30million.  The Auditor -General warns further cost blow-outs are likely.


“As the Auditor-General notes the project comes with ongoing risks and ‘until critical and high risk issues are resolved, the functionality and usability of the system is compromised’. (p19)


“The Auditor-General’s reports raises real concerns that indicates EPAS won’t be ready for the opening of nRAH which in turn will increase staff stress and the risk to patients.


“The failure to deliver EPAS on time is a disaster in the making for staff and patients of the NRAH.


“There is no room in the NRAH for the installation of the paper based record keeping systems that are currently being used in most South Australian hospitals.


“If there is no functioning electronic patient record system and an ad hoc paper-based patient record system is crammed into the new hospital, patients will be placed at increased risk.


“EPAS has been a slow moving train wreck that the Minister for Health has failed to bring back on track.”


“It is Jack Snelling’s train wreck.”