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Jetsetting Jay’s Hollywood Fantasy

The last 24 hours have laid bare a State Government that treats taxpayers’ money as a slush fund for Labor’s re-election campaign.

“A Premier globe-trotting with his own film crew, a Treasurer throwing $400,000 at a misleading advertising campaign and Chief Executives pocketing massive bonuses for leading poorly performing agencies all highlight the reckless expenditure of the Weatherill Government,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“It is inexcusable for the Premier of the State with the highest unemployment in the country to be wasting taxpayers’ money on outrageously expensive home movies.

“It’s disgraceful that this vanity exercise by the Premier has unnecessarily added greenhouse gases to the earth’s atmosphere.

“The Premier must detail exactly how much his expensive entourage to Europe has cost taxpayers.

“The Premier also needs to explain why he is spending $400,000 on a misleading advertising campaign about the tax burden in South Australian.

“It is foolish to claim to have ‘nation leading tax cuts’ when you have the highest unemployment in the nation, miniscule jobs growth and your payroll tax threshold cuts in at a job-destroying $600,000.

“Throwing money at expensive advertising campaigns that selectively chooses the facts won’t attract businesses to South Australia.

“Nor will paying public servants massive bonuses despite large cuts to health and education services.

“The Premier would serve the people of South Australia better by putting his time and effort into getting the fundamentals of the economy into better shape.”