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Jobs training wreck continues

The latest Commonwealth Government data shows that during the last three years South Australia has lost more jobs training positions than anywhere else in the country.

In March 2013 there were 36,300 South Australians in a training position whilst by March this year that number has fallen to 17,400.

By way of contrast there were 43,000 Western Australians in jobs training in March 2013 and 41,100 in March this year.

“The Weatherill Government’s savage budget cuts to jobs training is making it even harder for the tens of thousands of unemployed in South Australia to get a job,” said Shadow Minister for Skills and Training David Pisoni.

“For tens of thousands of kids the only real hope they have a getting a job is through jobs training.

“If you don’t have experience in a particular industry skills training is critical to getting a foot in the door.

“The fact there are now fewer people in jobs training in South Australia than any other time in the last decade is a damning indictment of the Weatherill Government’s performance in skills training.

“Jay Weatherill went to the last State election promising to “build South Australia” but since then unemployment has risen and his hand picked treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has cut the training budget year in and year out.

“You can’t transition an economy without training and these latest figures show that Jay Weatherill has failed the State’s future miserably by cutting training opportunities that allow South Australians to take advantage of any new opportunities that come our way.

“That is why the State Liberals are calling on the State Government to immediately establish a Naval Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce.” The Naval Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce should:

- Identify opportunities for delivering targeted skills training to prepare South Australians for shipbuilding projects;

- Develop options for re-skilling manufacturing workers who have recently lost their jobs or are at risk of losing their jobs;

- Work with the Federal Government, ASC, contractors and training providers to identify potential skills shortages; and,

- Coordinate a transformation project to ensure the South Australian training system is focused on the right areas.