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Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today Treasurer Koutsantonis had spent $162.6m last year to reduce the number of public servants but had actually ended up increasing the number significantly over the original budget.

Treasury has confirmed that in 2013-14 the Government had given TVSPs (Targeted Voluntary Separation Packages) to 1479 public servants at a cost of $162.6m in an attempt to reduce the number of public servants.

However the Commissioner of Public Employment has just released official figures for 30 June 2014 showing total public servants in the General Government Sector was actually 1677 FTE more than the original estimate set at the start of the financial year!

The following table shows the varying estimates for total public servants for 30 June 2014 done at different times since June 2013;

Date of estimate                                                     FTE est for 30 June 2014
June 2013 (13/14 Budget)                                                      79,484
Nov   2013 (13/14 MYBR)                                                        81,473
June  2014 (14/15 Budget)                                                      81,516
Dec    2014 (CPE Report)                                                         81,161
Source: Budget Paper 3 Pg. 33
                                                                                                                                         CPE Report 14/15

This table makes it clear that at the start of last financial year in June 2013 the Government said it would have 79,484 FTE public servants on 30 June 2014.

However the Commissioner of Public Employment has reported there were actually 81,161 FTE on that date!

SA families struggling under massive increases in the ESL and other taxes will be furious when they find out Mr. Koutsantonis has spent $162.6m of their money to reduce public servants but has ended up increasing the number.

Only Mr. Koutsantonis could believe this is a sensible way to spend taxpayers’ money and manage a budget.

Even if Mr. Koutsantonis argues they changed the target in Nov 2013 at the MYBR he still needs to explain how he spent $162.6m on 1479 TVSPs and only reduced public service numbers by 312 FTE!

Mr. Koutsantonis continually tries to blame the Federal Government and everyone else for his financial mismanagement and incompetence.

Sooner or later he will have to admit his responsibility for the financial mess his Government has created.