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Labor Government needs a scalp or two

The State Liberals are calling on the Labor Government to declare the Liverpool v Adelaide United soccer game at the Adelaide Oval on July 20 a major event and begin hunting down ticket scalpers on the game.

“The Labor Government needs to show it has zero tolerance to scalping by successfully prosecuting people re-selling tickets to the game at illegally inflated prices,”  said Shadow Minister for Recreation and Sport Tim Whetstone.


“This call follows scalpers preying on cricket fans at the India v Pakistan cricket match on Sunday.


“Tickets to the World Cup clash were being offered on websites for ludicrous prices, clearly flouting the law and seemingly without fear of any crackdown.


“It’s time the Labor Government took the scourge of scalping seriously and sent a message to offenders that re-selling tickets at inflated prices is not acceptable.


“The most effective way to prevent scalping is to publicly prosecute a couple of scalpers.


“There is no excuse for the Labor Government to sit on its hands and watch scalpers rip off ordinary soccer, cricket, football or music fans.


“I’m unaware of any successful prosecution of scalpers under South Australian law which suggests the Labor Government has failed to enforce this legislation.


“Until scalpers fear the possibility of prosecution they will continue to flout the law as they currently are on websites such as Ebay and Gumtree.”


Under the South Australian Major Events Act it is an offence for a person to sell a ticket which exceeds the original price by more than 10 per cent of its face value.


The maximum penalty under anti-scalping laws is $25,000 for an organisation and $5,000 for a person.