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Labor’s Gillman deal keeps getting worse

The State Labor Government’s Gillman land deal keeps on getting worse for South Australians.

Deputy Premier Rau’s announcement that Labor will hand over another $2.2 million to private companies who are yet to create any jobs at Gillman, or pay the Government for the land they are acquiring, is staggering.

The first $45 million payment for the Gillman deal was meant to be paid last year.

“Labor’s Gillman land deal is a dog of a deal and South Australians keep paying for it,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Today the State Labor Government has announced they are handing over another $2.2 million despite the Gillman land remaining undeveloped and none of the 6,000 promised jobs having been created.

“Today’s deal which involves another company acquiring 20 hectares of land at Gillman ‘blows out of the water’ the Weatherill Labor Government’s claim that no other companies were interested in the Gillman land.

“Even more staggering is Mr Rau and his Labor mates have helped Adelaide Capital Partners on-sell land that they haven’t even paid for yet!”