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Labor to add more stifling regulation

The State Liberals won’t support a Labor Party Bill that adds further regulation to the operation of food trucks in Adelaide.

“Food trucks have proved a great success in the City of Adelaide under the current arrangements and there is no justification for adding additional regulation to their operation,” said Shadow Minister for Local Government Steven Griffiths.

“What Labor are proposing is another level of regulation that simply isn’t necessary and will unfairly disadvantage existing businesses.

“This is another example of how little the Labor Party understands about the pressures of operating a successful business.

“One of the prime reasons South Australia has an unemployment crisis is the Weatherill Government’s addiction to strangling businesses in ever increasing amounts of red tape.

“Local councils should be able to control what sort of businesses operate through sensible policy – just like they do with bricks and mortar businesses.

“Having State Parliament oversee local government oversight of food trucks will add nothing to the operation of this sector of the catering industry.