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Liberals call on Government to provide jobs stimulus now

Following the announcement from BHP Billiton that it will be cutting 380 jobs in South Australia, the Weatherill Labor Government must bring forward job creation policies now.

“It’s time for the Weatherill Labor Government to concede that whatever they have been doing for 13 long years just hasn’t worked. It is time for a change in economic policy and direction,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“The Government’s refusal to admit that its latest 7 or 10 point plans have not worked is a key part of the problem.”

South Australia desperately needs job creation now, not in a few years like the Weatherill Labor Government is talking about.

The State Liberals have reiterated calls today for the Weatherill Labor Government to:

  • Commit to reducing Payroll Tax;

  • Slash Emergency Services Levy bills by reversing the $90 million ESL hike announced in the 2014-15 State Budget;

  • Bring forward planned Stamp Duty relief to take effect this year;

  • Commence building the Northern Connector road;

  • Finalise an investigation regarding the Strzelecki Track upgrade; and,

  • Create a state-based Productivity Commission.

“South Australia already has the highest unemployment rate in the nation,” said Mr Lucas.

“This is before these job cuts from BHP Billiton and before the closure of the Port Augusta power stations and Leigh Creek coal mine and Holden.

“To create jobs in South Australia we need to lower taxes and reduce red tape to encourage business investment and economic growth.

“We also need to reduce taxes to leave more money in the pockets of SA families so they can spend more on goods and services from SA businesses.

“Improving business conditions is the only sustainable means of growing South Australia’s stagnant jobs market.”