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Liberals keep traffic moving

The State Liberals will introduce legislation requiring the Department of Transport to conduct regular audits of traffic light controlled road intersections to identify and recommend where it would be appropriate to sign as ‘left turn on red permitted after stopping’ signs.

The legislation will be introduced as an amendment to the Government’s Road Traffic (Roadworks) Amendment Bill, which seeks to prevent inappropriate and incorrect usage of roadwork speed limits and other traffic control measure which cause congestion on our roads.

The Australian Road Rules currently allow a left turn at a red traffic light – but not at a red traffic arrow – if there is a “left turn on red permitted after stopping” sign.

However in South Australia, the Weatherill Labor Government only allows this practice at six intersections statewide.

The State Liberals’ amendment would restrict the legal left hand turns on a red single light to intersections where the road speed is 60KMH or lower.

“Our amendment will give motorists further opportunities to keep moving in traffic right around the State,” said Shadow Transport Minister David Pisoni.

“It is now up to the Weatherill Labor Government to support our amendment for the benefit of South Australian motorists.

“This is simply commonsense law reform.

“The State Liberals broadly support the Government’s Road Traffic (Roadworks) Amendment Bill.

“In fact, Labor’s Bill follows my own Private Members’ Bill – Road Traffic (Work Area Speed Limit Signs) Amendment Bill 2016 – which was introduced in March,” said Mr Pisoni.