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Liberals’ successful in initiating council rate capping inquiry

The State Liberals have been successful in initiating an inquiry into the capping of council rates at today’s meeting of State Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee. 

The Economic and Finance Committee will now investigate:

  • the operation of rate capping elsewhere in Australia;
  • the period the policy has operated for in other jurisdictions;
  • conditions attached to other rate capping policies;
  • the independent governance of rate capping;
  • any opportunities for increases above the regulated increase and details of conditions required to submit such a request; and,
  • any other related matters.

“The Economic and Finance Committee will now investigate how council rates are set, and in particular, focus on the creation of a rate capping policy, which would restrict annual rate rises imposed on South Australian households,” said Member for Bright David Speirs.

“Council rates are one of the biggest bills South Australian households receive.

“With council rate rises consistently above CPI, council rates are placing increasing pressure on household budgets.

“A rate capping policy has been in place in New South Wales since 1993 and the State Liberals proposed a rate capping policy at the 2014 state election in response to increasing concerns about cost of living pressures.

“A rate capping policy was also an election promise by the Victorian Labor Party in the 2014 Victorian state election campaign. 

“This inquiry is a great win for South Australian households and businesses and I look forward to working with the Economic and Finance Committee to investigate this important issue for the benefit of South Australians.”