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This week, the $2.3 billion new Royal Adelaide Hospital reached a major milestone with the grant of a “certificate of occupancy” – a declaration that means it is ‘suitable for occupation’.

Last week, the Health Minister Jack Snelling said that he imagined that the issuing of the certificate of occupancy would coincide with Technical Completion.[1]

“If the hospital is suitable for occupation then South Australians have the right to know when it is going to open,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Jack Snelling needs to tell South Australians the date for Technical Completion or explain what is standing in the way of the hospital being handed over and operational.

“The latest public comments from people connected to the project indicate Technical Completion won’t happen until March 2017.

“If that is the case then once again the Minister has again been exposed as clueless and he should hand over responsibility to someone who can get on top of the facts.”

Last month, Minister Snelling told Parliament that the current Supreme Court proceedings were about ‘the proper role of the Independent Certifier and the State's contractual rights’.

In fact, the proceedings are about the jurisdiction of a completely different person - an Independent Expert, an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

There is still no hint of a Government strategy to finalise the major default notices that it started issuing in April this year.

The project is eight months behind schedule and more than $600 million over budget.

“The Weatherill Government seems to drifting into a legal quagmire which risks further delay and tens of millions of dollars in compensation,” said Mr Wade

[1] Wednesday, 28 September 2016, HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, Page 7091