Madonna Delle Grazie di Panduri Feast

14 Oct 2019
Madonna Delle Grazie di Panduri Feast

It was my great pleasure to join members of the Italian community to celebrate the annual feast of Madonna delle Grazie di Panduri (Our Lady of Grace from Panduri) on the 13th October at Our Lady Queen of Peach church.

This was the 27th anniversary of the festa and it is a day celebrated by members of the local Italian community that hails from the Calabrian municipality of Careri.

More than 300 people migrated from the village of Careri to South Australia mainly in the 1950’s. A total of 2,000 people migrated to South Australia from a small group of villages within 10 kilometres of Careri.

The Madonna Delle Grazie di Panduri is named because hundreds of years ago on a site where an ancient Greek city of Panduri used to stand a farmer was ploughing his fields and dug up a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Every year since the townsfolk of Careri have honoured and celebrated this Madonna.

It was a special honour to join the procession, accompanying the Hon Vincent Tarzia MP, Speaker of the House of Assembly and Member for Hartley and Mr James Stevens MP, Federal Member for Sturt and the Maltese Queen of Victories Band.

I also had a great time cooking Zeppole and learning some traditional Calabrese cooking skills with the wonderful volunteers.

I am proud to represent the electorate of Dunstan which has people from many different cultural backgrounds who all add richly to our community.