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Major Events Funding

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will boost funding to attract major events and give more priority to attracting major conventions.

Major events showcase South Australia to the world.

They’re important for other reasons as well.

They attract interstate and international visitors, support teams, spectators, audiences and convention delegates.

They keep our restaurants and shops busy, fill our hotels and provide business for tourism operators throughout South Australia.

Major events mean more jobs and more investment for South Australians in a range of industries including retail and transport as well as hospitality

The State Liberals' Plan

A Marshall Liberal Government will invest in and enhance the Events Bid Fund.

This will be achieved by three key measures:

  • Increase funding to $40 million over 4 years;
  • Distribute funding equally between the Leisure and Convention Bid Funds; and
  • Expand the Australian Convention Bureau (ACB) mandate to increase its capacity to attract more conventions.

Over the four year forward estimates from 2018/19, a Marshall Liberal Government will inject $40 million.

This will enable South Australia to secure more lucrative events to increase tourism, create jobs and drive economic growth.

A Marshall Liberal Government will also allocate funding equally between the two arms of the Event Bid Fund, the Major Leisure Event Fund and the Convention Fund.

Currently two-thirds of the Events Bid Fund is allocated for Major Leisure Events such as sporting and entertainment, and one- third to attract major conventions.

The return on investment in conventions is much greater with $60 million generated in economic benefit to the State for every $1 million allocated to the fund.

The economic return from Major Leisure events is $3.1 million for every $1 million allocated to the fund. The average spend per night for a convention delegate is $632 compared with $179 for leisure tourists.

This is not to understate the significance of Major Leisure Events; funding for the Major Leisure Event Bid Fund will be maintained over the forward estimates. Major events are important for the tourism industry because such events secure interstate and international exposure for South Australia.

However, a Liberal Government will recognise the additional economic benefit of major conventions with its boost to the convention Bid Fund.

With this boost, we are confident the Adelaide Convention Centre and other venues can increase the number of events they secure.

A Marshall Liberal Government will also expand the mandate of the Adelaide Convention Bureau which is currently limited to bids for conventions with more than 500 delegates and to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Under its new mandate, the Adelaide Convention Bureau will be able to assist other venues across South Australia to secure smaller events.

This will help provide a more balanced calendar of events throughout the year and support regional as well as city and metropolitan venues.